How it works

MuckWork is a team of assistants that specialize in doing your uncreative dirty work for you, so you can focus on playing, writing, and improving.

Not enough time to “Do It Yourself”?

In this “Do It Yourself” music world, you're expected to not only be a great musician, writer, and performer, but also promoter, designer, communicator, agent, and more.

You know there's all this stuff you should be doing, but you don't have enough time!

If you ask for help, friends' favors wear out, well-meaning people flake, and the affordable ones aren't very good.

The solution: a network of reliable assistants

MuckWork will have a big network of people around the world that are great at helping musicians with the boring stuff that can be done from anywhere.

Because we'll have a huge network of people available to help, you never have to worry about someone flaking on you. MuckWork will take reponsibility to get your job done, whatever it may be.

For a non-musical example of similar services, see “Outsource Your Life: Sites Allow You To Create Army Of Virtual Assistants”.

Those companies are great for generic tasks, but you can't tell them to book you a small tour of the midwest or register the copyrights to your newest songs. MuckWork's assistants will be specialists in helping musicians.