Derek Sivers

What I’m doing now

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Updated January 10th, 2022, from New Zealand.

My best book ever, “How to Live”, is done

After four years of work, my masterpiece, “How to Live”, is done.

It’s by far the best thing I’ve ever written. It’s very different than anything you’ve seen from me before. Read the story behind it at

Go to to buy it now.

Glowing reviews of my books

I finally collected reviews for my three newest books. They’re so heart-warming (and interesting) to read.

They’re posted below the table of contents for…

  1. Your Music and People
  2. Hell Yeah or No
  3. How to Live

Living permanently in New Zealand

I moved back to New Zealand in July 2020. I’m really thankful to be here.

This is my only home, now. I’ve let go of Singapore, Oxford, and Portugal. I plan to stay for nine more years until my kid is eighteen.

School holidays

It’s summer here in New Zealand, so it’s school holidays, and I’m on daddy-duty more than ever. About 60 hours per week, just hanging out with my boy.

Refactoring my code

Re-writing my main Ruby and PostgreSQL code that runs my web apps (and life). Cleaning up and improving.

I’ve always done all my programming myself, so I’m setting things up in a clearer way, so others can help.

Playing piano

Playing piano is one of the few things I hate not doing. I haven’t had one in two years, though. I gave away my keyboard to a musician friend in Oxford, before I moved back to New Zealand.

Last week I got a Casio Privia PX-S3000, and it’s SO SO SO good! This is what I’ve missed. Something that even a good weighted keyboard couldn’t give me. It’s even got textured keys that feel like ebony and ivory. I’m surprised what a difference that makes.

I play for one to three hours a day. Starting simple. Practicing scales. Erik Satie, Virgo by Wayne Shorter.


I’ve hardly read anything in the last couple years, as I was obsessed with finishing “How to Live”. So I’m reading again. I’ll post my notes here at /book. (Click “newest”, there, to see the new ones.)

I have a reading queue of over 96 books I’ve bought over the last few years, so please don’t suggest something new. ☺


I write at least an hour a day, privately. But publicly? I’m not sure what to write about next.

I really put everything I had into “How to Live”. I feel empty, writing-wise. I may need a new style or topic, now.


So in love with my boy and my fiancée.